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Park Rangers Visits ‘Aunu’u Island

February 26, 2015
Park rangers braved the seas as they visit 'Aunu'u Island.

Park rangers braved the seas as they visit ‘Aunu’u Island.

Bright and early today, Park Rangers Pua, Pai, and Eymard took a ferry ride (one mile trip) to the island of ‘Aunu’u to visit elementary students from A.P. Lutali.

Ranger Pai conducted a Junior Ranger program for the Level 1 students. These younglings learned the natural resources we take care of not only within park boundaries but also around the island. Smart and innocent conversations from these kids that made Ranger Pai ran out of explanations. 🙂

While on the other area of the school, Ranger Pua talked about ocean acidification to level 5 to 7 students. A brief video was featured to summarize his discussions about the topic. To conclude and tie everything up, Ranger Pua concluded with an experiment and a board game that would instill conservation efforts for the students.

Both groups of students had a blast with a different approach of learning and understanding with their own little way to conserve, preserve, and protect the natural resources. Fa’afetai lava to Principal Asenati and the rest of the staff of AP Lutali Elementary School for your warm welcome and the hospitality.

See more photos on our Facebook page.

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    March 22, 2015 5:17 pm

    sweet nice awesome

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